Monday, April 23, 2007

What can I say more?

I have been off of the blog for about a week as I have been moving and quite honestly haven't known what to say. I am devastated, of course but I am at peace. I have felt the encircling arms of love extended from so many of you, near and far. I can only say that I am so thankful that I know and understand the Plan of Salvation. I know that Tyree lives! I know that I will see her again, of this I have no doubt. I recalled the recent talk by President Thomas S. Monson at this month's General Conference when he spoke about our resurrection and about how death hath no victory. Although I feel as though I have been defeated these past couple of weeks, I know that the Lord is the winner and His plan is the ultimate goal for all of us still 'at war' here on earth. I am so thankful for that knowledge. I also want to say thank you to so many who have called me, emailed, prayed or just thought of me over the past several weeks. This is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I pray I learn all the Lord has for me to learn so that I will not have to go through this trial again. I am sad (of course!) but I am at peace. Love to all.


At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Larry Johnson said...

As I read you post this morning a thought comes to me. I went through some of the same sorrows with the loss of my baby sister in her battle with cancer. Sue was the baby girl sent to a family of six boys. We all knew that she was spoiled and a special spirit. As the time for her on this earth grew near and I found myself at a loss for words to say I told her in a joking way that if she was the first of us kids to check out and go join Mom and Dad that I would know that she was spoiled. Sue laughed and shot back to me, "You've got that right." I know that Tyree was one of those special spirits and what a blessing she is. Thank you for being so kind to share this experience with us. Much love,
Larry and Betty Jo Johnson.

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

rYou have all been in my thoughts and prayers through all of this. I love you all and too wish I could have physically been present through this. As I prepare to have my second son I dream of being half the person/mother/friend and influence that Tyree has been in so many peoples lives and I too know that she continues to be to the spirits she is currently serving. I only hope that she is teaching the many of my relatives that left mortality without hearing the gospel because I know her spirit is the one that can touch them. I hope you all know how much you are loved and that I continue to pray for you all daily. I love you! Amy Yates, San Diego


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